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We bought a motorhome

We did it! We're super excited to announce that we have a motorhome!!! It will be the beginning of many adventures and it's already been dog approved... so much that Mix has already chosen his spot ;)

We've been debating getting an 'entry level' motorhome for a while now so we could test everything and enjoy a bit more time with the doggos too. Then one day, flicking through Instagram, we saw a story from a friend sharing that her friends were selling their motorhome... not only that it was fully renovated inside, had given them many happy moths all over Europe and - the cherry on top of the cake - their social account is called Dog In a Van... we could hear faith ringing bells, right???

We showed interest, spoke to them at length, went to check it out and our heart skipped a beat... this was it, the beginning, a stepping stone into the big dream. They accepted our offer and we picked it up today!!! It's all ours

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